Typographic Installation by Ulrich Formann 3rd year student.

Concept Note:

Scattered letters across the sky

The Chilean poet Pablo Neruda dedicated his life to fight against fascism, whether it was during his politicization against dictator Franco in Spain or his opposition against González Videla in his home country of Chile. This lifelong effort is also reflected in his poems. Unintentionally I was reading the seventh poem in his book of questions while I got distracted by the sirens of the ongoing raid in this college. Throughout this incidents and tension that could be felt in the air, the poem was not abstract but rather it reflected precisely what was going on and also encouraged to raise your voice. This installation invites you to the same. Speak, shout, scream or do anything to voice your opinion through the microphone and message on the wall will become clearer. 

Kinetic Typography by Divya Jain, 3rd year student. This animation is based on a poem from the ‘Book of Questions by Pablo Neruda. The poem reads:

Is the yellow of the forest the same as the last year’s? And does the black flight of the relentless seabird repeat itself? And is where space ends called death or infinity? What weighs more heavily on the belt, sadness or memories?

Kinetic Typography on Kabir’s ‘Doha—couplets’ — मन पलक पलक में और (The mind changes every moment) by Tanushree Devaraja 2nd year student. 

Kinetic Typography on Kabir’s ‘Doha — couplets’ — या घट भीतर… (Kabir expresses about the existence of the power and light of the universe within Kinetic Typography on Kabir’s ‘Doha—couplets’ — या घट भीतर… (Kabir expresses about the existence of the power and light of the universe within our body itself, but how we still end up searching for something in the darkness. ) by Sneha Dalal.

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